Change the Way You Use Energy – Waste Less, Spend Less Money

step three to energy savingsStep Three for  New York Homeowners

After your assessment is complete, the HP Contractor will provide your energy assessment report and a list of energy efficiency improvements for your consideration.

The report will tell you how much energy your home is wasting, recommend the best improvements to stop the waste, and provide quotes to do the work described. You should  review the results with your contractor to determine which of the recommended home energy improvements make the most sense for you.  These can include everything from adding insulation and energy-efficient light bulbs to installing a high-efficiency furnace and ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Make sure you understand the recommendations and ask questions.

If you have any trouble understanding your energy assessment report, remember that the RUPCO Outreach Coordinators are here to help. You can also contact the Hudson Valley Energy Coach.

Eligible Home Energy Improvements

Receive a 10% discount on eligible energy improvements (up to a maximum of $3,000) to reduce the overall project cost. It can be paid directly to you when the project is complete or can be assigned to the contractor.

Download this PDF list of consumer eligible energy improvements to see which ones qualify.

This is a general guide to which home energy improvements are eligible for discounts and loans through NYSERDA’s Home Performance and Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs. Eligibility may vary based on energy efficiency requirements for each type of improvement, results of the home energy assessment, fuel type, your utility provider, and the availability of funding. Before you move forward with your energy efficiency project, check with your participating BPI contractor to ensure the improvements you plan to make qualify for the program and the financing you plan to choose, if any.

When you are ready, you will be asked to sign a contract with the contractor.

Then you are ready to move on to step four:

step four to energy savings

Apply for a Low-Interest Loan to Help Pay for the Work