Change the Way You Use Energy – Waste Less, Spend Less Money

step five to energy savingsStep Five for New York Homeowners

Once your energy efficient home improvement projects are finished,  follow up tests are completed to ensure that the home energy improvements were effective.

You will then be asked to sign off that the work has been satisfactorily completed.

Tell Your Friends, Family and Neighbors!

Soon you will join the many happy homeowners with more comfortable homes and lower energy bills through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. So don’t keep it a secret! When more people save energy, our communities are more resilient, the state saves money and we reduce carbon emissions. The best way to continue your positive impact is tell all your friends, family and neighbors about the program.

Ways to tell your friends how to save energy in their home:

Send an email about how to get an energy assessment (hotlink to open email – content to follow)

Like us on Facebook and share us with your friends
Tweet about getting your home energy assessment! 

Be an Energy Advocate!

Host an energy assessment potluck.  We will provide a presentation for you!

Give out applications for the energy assessment. We’ll send you copies.

Invite us to speak to your workplace.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the program.

Contact an Outreach Coordinator to find out how you can help!